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Men's Pocket Patched Tee and Camo Shorts Set

Men's Pocket Patched Tee and Camo Shorts Set

Men's Pocket Patched Tee and Camo Shorts Set

Bust (cm):
S: 107 cm, M: 111 cm, L: 116 cm, XL: 121 cm, XXL: 126 cm
Cuff (cm):
S: 28.8 cm, M: 30 cm, L: 31.2 cm, XL: 32.4 cm, XXL: 33.6 cm
Drawstring, Pocket
Fabric has some stretch
Hip Size (cm):
S: 104 cm, M: 108 cm, L: 113 cm, XL: 118 cm, XXL: 123 cm
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Round Neck
Pattern Type:
Shorts Length (cm):
S: 46.4 cm, M: 47 cm, L: 47.6 cm, XL: 48.2 cm, XXL: 48.8 cm
Shoulder (cm):
S: 45.5 cm, M: 47 cm, L: 48.8 cm, XL: 50.6 cm, XXL: 52.4 cm
Sleeve Length:
Short Sleeve
Sleeve Length (cm):
S: 22 cm, M: 22.5 cm, L: 23 cm, XL: 23.5 cm, XXL: 24 cm
Suit Type:
Thigh (cm):
S: 65.8 cm, M: 68cm, L: 70.5 cm, XL: 73 cm, XXL: 75.5 cm
Top Length (cm):
S: 73.5 cm, M: 75.5 cm, L: 77.5 cm, XL: 79.5 cm, XXL: 81.5 cm
Waist Size (cm):
S: 78-105 cm, M: 82-109 cm, L: 87-114 cm, XL: 92-119 cm, XXL: 97-124 cm
Top Type:

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I bought my t-shirt and it was printed and delivered to my doorstep really fast!

Andy S.

I can't believe how fast my t-shirt was delivered to my house. Great job!

Mary Ann

I had a problem with my order and they responded and fixed my problem fast!

Cindy P.

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