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Is E-commerce Hard?

Starting from scratch and having no prior website design or business experience, i have in the past few months designed my own Shopify Drop-shipping store and have launched it, with success.
So the story starts in November of 2018, i decided to upgrade my skill set from my current Full time Job as a Project Estimator, to something which will become a investment in the near future, so i started a Shopify website called www.auzoffersstore.com. which is my current online store after Months of evolution, trial and error.
I did not know anything about Facebook advertising, google advertising or Instagram or pintrest.
I learned through trial and error, on how to make a site, and what is drop shipping as a business model, what is SEO and how to implement it, and the details of advertising. And I am still learning as i go.
I decided to make www.auzoffersstore.com into more of independent brand orientated website where customer service, quality products, fast shipping times and large selection of products and accessories are provided to Australia's Savvy a sophisticated buyer.
While seeing sucesses with auzoffersstore.com i decided to start another online venture on Shopify, with another site.
The “Camo”, style website lasted for some time until recently, i actually did sell a few products, and the customers were happy with what they received. But after wasting hundreds of dollars on Facebook and Google advertising i was actually loosing a lot, and the sales were just not coming in. So i decided to scrap the Camo idea, and left the site dormant for a while.
Now after Months of Head banging and hair pulling the website www.stylecamo.com is ready for another retake, and with great suppliers serving the American market is doing quite well, this is a Popular T shirts store and i have also decided to keep the camouflage theme by introducing some Camo clothing in my catalogues as well.
In between all this i started this Blog, again with no prior knowledge of blogging. And i also learned Affiliate marketing and that is why is have some affiliated blogs.


  1. Website design and development for beginners has become so easy, that a person with limited computer knowledge can educate themselves within a small amount of time
  2. The Drop shipping model, is a viable business model for startups and those who have no business knowledge or experience.
  3. The information and tools available for advertising and marketing are extensive and with Shopify and Woordpress plugins makes for simpler and easier marketing and advertising strategies.


  1. Marketing, Sales and Advertising
Marketing, Sales and Advertising, my most hated and despised Job descriptions, I hated customer service and sales when i Worked at Kmart, and i hated marketing when i worked at a contracting company.
But these are the secrets to having a successful business, weather online or brick and mortar. it does not matter what you are selling, the most important and most crucial part is getting that product in front of those who will be interested and then convincing them to buy.
"You can sell me a pen, if you know how to do it well".
Please feel free to visit my e-com sites – www.auzoffersstore.com & www.stylecamo.com

Here are some wordpress plugins and website development software that i use.





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